Looking Through a Keyhole


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Brook Forest Voices
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Author: Julia Spencer

Narrator: Diana Andrade

Bronze Medal, 2012 CIPA EVVY Award for Audiobooks

Julia Spencer takes the listener into her dreams, her fears, her hopes, her deepest private thoughts, and her most candid responses to her shrinking visual world. With humor and a feisty yet surprisingly gentle attitude, she begins to accept vision loss, welcoming her guide dog, Irene, into her life and discovering
through that keyhole-sized remnant of vision a deeper understanding of her husband and family and world. The confines of her vision loss cannot restrain the vibrant energy and independence of this remarkable woman. Anyone struggling with a life altering condition will find this story inspiring and motivating.

℗Brook Forest Voices

Intense, clear and unself-pitying memior of change
Holly 15/02/2012

With a refreshingly painful honestly, Jullia Spencer (please note error above - this is NOT the same person as Julia Spencer-Fleming) interweaves her past into her present as she clearly describes the twists, turns and changes that come into her life as she comes to grips with hereditary visual loss.
The narrator is exceptional as the prose flows through and around all those incidents of daily life that define a person and her place in the world. This is not so much a story about a woman becoming blind (ok, visually impaired) and reclaiming her independence with the aid of a seeing eye dog as it is an exploration of what one values and on what grounds you choose to claim as yours.