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Author: Dr. James W. Jackson      

Narrator:  Dr. James W. Jackson

GOLD MEDAL - CIPA 2014: Autobiography/Memoir

As a businessman, international economic consultant, and founder of Project C.U.R.E., Dr. Jackson's experiences in economics and world travel have uniquely equipped him to meet the challenges of the sophisticated world of international compassion and local deeds of goodness:

"I would particularly like to express our gratitude for the donation of 10 million dollars' worth of medical supplies to have let God's will be done through your service to Project C.U.R.E" --Rwanda President Paul Kagame following heartbreaking genocide.

Dr. Jackson's writings have now become a source of encouragement and inspiration to thousands of readers. Here are seventy more of Dr. Jackson's short stories that will allow you to experience the thrilling international episodes. You, too, will be able to observe through his eyes and learn from his heart the unforgettable lessons of passion, economics, and culture.

Dr. Jackson has received worldwide recognition and awards including the U.S. Department of State's "Florence Nightingale Humanitarian Award."