Just Beyond Harmony (MP3 CD)

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Author: Gaydell Collier Narrator: Diana Andrade

Armed with idealistic visions of the West, Gaydell from Garden City, New York, and her husband, Roy of Hinsdale, Illinois, embark on The Grand Experiment during the 1960s: raising their four children in a primitive Wyoming log cabin built by early Swedish settlers without modern amenities, to teach the "youngsters" values and self-reliance. 50 years later, Gaydell chronicles her family’s experience from unearthed diaries and letters she had written to her mother during the cabin years. She recalls the joy, dreams, humor, struggles and growth for the kids, Roy, and most of all, herself.

Author: Gaydell Collier lives on a ranch in the Black Hills near Sundance, Wyoming. She co-authored three books on horses and horsemanship for Doubleday and co-edited three collections of women's writing for Houghton-Mifflin, including Leaning Into the Wind. Her essays, articles and poetry have appeared in numerous anthologies and publications. In 2004, she won the Wyoming Governor's Arts Award for Literature.

In Gaydell's own words.."I loved books from before I was born, and began writing (well, scribbling) as soon as I could hold a crayon. One thing led to another, and I progressed to pencil, typewriter, and computer, bought too many books, became a librarian, and added more of my own scribbles to the world. Reading, writing, ranching. Dogs and horses. The land. That's it in a nutshell."

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