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Author:  Bradley Sugars     

Narrator: Jaime Andrade

What if you were guaranteed that every new customer buying from you would spend the next 5 years buying more products at ever higher price points?

Or you were certain every dollar spent on your advertising would return extra dollars to you down the road?

Or you could finally look at your marketing efforts as investments, rather than expenses?

Now you can! Not only will you discover the "secrets" of buying new customers at great prices for your business, you'll turn your company into a "customer buying machine" that:

.....Keeps customers coming back for more...

.....Gives customers great reasons to tell others about your business.

.....Chasing new customers is the old way of "business as usual"...

BUYING CUSTOMERS is the new way of "business unusual" that will not only transform your own company, but your entire way of thinking about business forever!

Bradley J Sugars is the Founder and Chairman of ActionCOACH, the world's number one business coaching firm with more than 1,000 offices in 39 countries. He is recognized as the world's top Business Coach, and has personally coached thousands of companies and their owners to greater success -- leveraging his proven system of business development through a network of ActionCOACH Business Coaches worldwide.

Brook Forest Voices

Excellent Marketing Guide for Business Owners
Gerardo 02/04/2016

If you are an experienced marketer, this book is not for you. The concepts described in this book are what I would expect any good marketer to dominate: Lifetime Customer Value, conversion rates, testimonials, etc. So I did not learn much (if anything) from this book.

However, if you are a business owner and don't have a marketer on staff, this book does a pretty good job at explaining the basics of marketing in a very clear and practical way. Any business owner should be apple to apply lessons in this book to improve his or her business and do a better job in buying customers, therefore growing his or her company.